clenting is a term when a youtuber is performing poorly (low views and low payment) in a month. the origin if the word clenting is when user, finalchidori57 whose real name is clent began getting very poor views for almost a whole year consecutively and constantly receives low pays by his network. it became a humor within his posse, but later the term got across other groups within the gaming community of youtube and it became a popular term used whenever a youtube gets very poor views it’s laughable. if a state of clenting, it’s the lowest point you can be and you got to step up your youtube game.

note: this is a term used exclusively in the gaming community of youtube, and those who are partnered under a network. (thegamestation, machinima, tgn, curse, vultra etc.) usually the term is not used within those that are not partnered as they don’t monetize their views.
jamal: yo, i got 1m views for this month. i’m definitely caking with this new naruto game.

andre: nah bro, i’m clenting this month. i only got 10k this month…it’s not even funny. gotta step up my game. got some bills to pay.

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