Cleolinda Jones

cleolinda jones is the pen name of a brilliant writer of hilarious movie parodies. cleolinda’s parodies were first published on her livejournal, but after gaining a m-ssive cult fan following, they have been published as a book as well.

her parodies are often of large blockbuster hits such as films based on comics or fantasy movies. the t-tle of both her livejournal and published book is m15m standing for movies in fifteen minutes. the reason for this name is that her parodies are written as a sortened version of the storyline, that shouldn’t take much more than 15 minutes to read. this short version is then laden with pop-culture references and wonderfully witty comments that often mirror common viewers’ opinions on certain scenes.
cleolinda jones never fails to make me burst out laughing. i recommend her m15m to any moviegoer with a sense of humour.

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