click bang game

also know as click click bang, this game can be played at parties to annoy people who can’t figure it out. the host of the game will start “shooting” people by saying “bang! bang! bang!” or such and pointing (with your hand in the shape of a gun) randomly at people playing. people will then guess who died. the trick is that the first person to speak after the last bang (or click) is the one who died whether it’s the host saying “who died?” or a guest saying “she died!” later on the host can start adding more and more clicks to throw people off. guests who haven’t figured it out will think that there is some very complex pattern going on where, bangs are positives and clicks are negatives. it is important in this game to define who is playing. best to play with 3 or more partic-p-nts.
host: wanna play the click bang game?
guest 1: sure!
h: bang bang bang, who died?
g2: um g3, died!.
h: no, i died.
g1: what?
h: bang, bang-bang-bang… bang!
g3: wtf!
h: who died?
g1: i died?
h: no, g3 died. bang bang click click click…. bang!
g2: what?! clicks? that’s not fair!
h: who died?
g1: i think i died, but i don’t know why…
h: no.
g3: 3 bangs, minus 3 clicks equals… you died?
h: no, g2 died!

the shooter loads the gun by saying “click”. the next person to be banged is killed. if the shooter “clicks” twice, it cancels the original click negating the bang.
the click bang game is very fun when on the bus
me- “click” pointing at you “bang” pointing at me. i’m dead

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