Clint Dempsey

also known as “deuce,” clint dempsey is the first usa soccer player to make a noticeable impact for a european club team. he has scored several wonder goals including those against juventus and stoke and continues to impress fans and players alike with his ability to score often from a midfield role. his name has become synonymous with clutchness and an overall bad–ssness after playing two complete games with a broken jaw and sprained ankle. pretty much, he’s a beast.

nationally clint dempsey day is world recognized as the 8th of march every year. to celebrate, individuals usually get together, watch a match, eat pizza, and drink to toast an icon and legend in the making. happy clint dempsey day!
aaron rodgers was seriously dempsey-like after finishing the season with 2 concussions.

dude, did you see the way that guy just ate an elephant and cured cancer? that was totally clint dempsey, man.

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