disingenuous and pr-ne to failure to the most extreme degree.
the pathological liar’s reputation was not just deplorable, it was downright clintonian.
1. of or relating to the clintonian philosophy.
2. a condition affecting statements. a clintonian statement typically skirts the issue or spins words.
1. that new book by bill clinton is very clintonian indeed.
2. (a clintonian statement) “it depends upon what your definition of ‘is’ is.” -bill clinton.
someone from clinton, iowa — a small city in eastern iowa known for being extremely “ghetto,” dirty, smelly and — until a couple years ago — dangerous, especially compared with the rest of iowa. one of two places in iowa with black people. once had a crime rate on par with detroit.
i’m a clintonian, and you wish you could say that.
someone who uses a position of power to gain s-xual favors from subordinates. basically, a s-xual fiend who uses the fear of firing, or the promise of career gain, in order to receive favorable benefits. –derived from president bill clinton
“richard seduced that new intern at the christmas party and got a hj in the janitors closet.”

“wow our ceo has no shame, that’s such a clintonian move.”

-richard walks in-
“i did not have s-x with that woman!”
a slang term for s-xually deviant behavior among married adults

refers to the s-xual exploits of former president clinton
oh i know our relationship is so clintonian…but the s-x is better.

several years ago there were several acts of clintonian behavior committed in the oval (oral) office….
1. relating to an act of s-xual congress which specifically includes v-g-n-l insertion by a p-n-s.

2. relating to the concept that s-xual relations must comply with the above in order to actually be catagorized as s-x.
i’ve gotten head before, so i guess i’m still a virgin in the clintonian sense.
1. of or referring to any s-x act except for penile to v-g-n-l penetration. most commonly used for oral s-x.
when it came to s-x, his preferences were clintonian. boy, did he love to go down!

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