using a cigar for purposes other than smoking.
present tense verb. using lying cover up something that you have done or will do. similar to ojing.
hey man quit clintoning. i know u slept with moniqa louwinsky.
to make an abusive comment about someone while in their presence followed by immediately uttering “what??” with an upward inflection to trivialize and obscure said abuse.
cut out that clintoning shaun, you’re not fooling anyone.
lying to cover a situation which would be better served by the truth. taken from the habits of bill clinton, 42nd president of the united states of america, and the only president to be officially sanctioned by the supreme court of the united states for lying under oath.
often the behavior of small children and others not used to the truth.
quit clintoning, joe. i know you had nothing to do with it. you don’t have to blame sp-ce aliens.

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