1. an over-sized, gushing, floppy p-ssy.
2. an annoying person who never gets the hint that no one likes him/her.
1. “last night, my girl’s cl-touche practically sucked my whole arm in there.”
2. “dude, you are a f-cking cl-touche.”

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  • Clobber the calamari

    to engage in male masturbation with a very aggressive stroke billy went into his room to “clobber the calamari” after inadvertently walking in on his parents during a bout of intense lovemaking.

  • mystatism

    the fallacy that someone, somewhere cares about your status updates. another status update about carly loving the cereal she’s eating. she’s suffering from a bit of mystatism.

  • Myspace Picture Whore

    a person who takes a lot of unnecessary pictures and puts them on mysp-ce. katey posted about 200 pictures of her friday night on her mysp-ce. then she asked me to go comment them! she’s such a mysp-ce picture wh-r-!

  • myspace pimp

    when a man or women creates two individual mysp-ce’s. one mysp-ce for his/her boy/girlfriend to see, the other for girls/boys to talk to. man mikey, has your girlfriend found out that you are a mysp-ce pimp?

  • Negroattackphobia

    somebody that fears angry black chicks. i never go on the max anymore because of my severe case of negroattackphobia. (sometimes can refer to angry black guys too)

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