predominantly used in london.
to ‘clock’ is: to realise, to catch on, to notice.
1.) sh-t! he clocked that i stole his phone.
2.) she clocked that something was wrong.
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to completly smash a video game. meaning you get perfect scores and without losing a single life.
holy sh-t billy mitch-ll clocked pac man.
beaten, bashed, punished. to hit someone.
“shut the f-ck up before i clock you.”
“he waz gettin’ tough, so i clocked him one.”
to get caught out, usually by feds (police)
oh sh-t, jarvis, drop that zoot, we bin clocked!!!
for a transgendered person or transvest-te to be found out. typically used when a trans person is trying to fully p-ss in a gender among people who are unaware the person is trans. used for either gender.
this top doesn’t compliment my chest, and i get clocked right away.
observed, recorded, noted. possibly related to determining the speed of a car by using a stopwatch to time its travel between two fixed points, such as “he was clocked doing 60 in a 45 zone”.
“hey that guy keeps eyeballing your ipod.” “yeah, i already clocked him.”
to complete all achievements there is in a video game.

to attain 100% completion in a video game.
“i just clocked my new game.”

friend 1: “i just p-ssed cod4.”
friend 2: “well i just clocked it.”

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