big, oversized boots or shoes that make clunky noises on the floor when you are walking.
i don’t think you need to be wearing the clodhoppers on the plane.
a huge pair of boots, that are trampy, and dirty looking.
michael ryan wears clod hoppers!
an extremely clumsey and awkward person.
that clodhopper stepped on my foot!
boots, esp. hiking boots, esp. if large, ugly, and/or filthy
get your clodhoppers off the table!
large ungainly foot wear weilded in a heavy, uncoordinated fashion.
i dont think we need the clodhoppers on the seat, do we?
farmercowboyhickrural person
a person who has to walk over plowed fields to get somewhere.
gee, the way frank is dressed, lools like a clod hopper from west kansas!
being a huge idiot in front of others for no apperent reason
a person jumping out of no where and acting foolish and the person says to the person you are a clodhopper

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