to knock boots with a member of the oposite s-x, as in close the deal
“what ever happened with that female last night?”

“shoot… you know…”

well what happened? did you close?

“you know it”
near to having an -rg-sm.

on the brink of ejaculating.
“honey, i’m close. i can’t hold off any longer. i’m going to make it.”

“no, i’m not close. i need some more foreplay to get in the groove.”
being in or having proximity in sp-ce or time
25 is pretty close to 28.
1. to shut, deny entry or provide a barrier to
2. to be near to (proximity)
3. a game played on a table tennis table using two match boxes. the aim being to knock over the opponents box
1. close the door
2. i will sit close to you
3. break out the match boxes and lets have a game of close
coined on the 12th of september 2009 by ben; defined by jay

(1) a colour that is not quite red and not quite pink.

(2) a metaphorical use of colour to describe a relationship between two individuals, often a mutual friendship that is both warm and friendly.
(3) a state of mind whereby everything around you appears to be in harmony.
jay: wow, you got those new closes coloured shoes!
nikki: i know, aren’t they pretty?
jay: yeah, they make me feel all warm and happy inside!

jay: you know what nikki, i really like being friends with you
nikki: i know what you mean… this is one of the closesed friendships i’ve ever had.

jay: i’ve been looking through closes-tinted spectacles recently…

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