another word cripwalkin’ or sea walkin’
d-mn that asian dude got some mad -ss clownwalking skillz

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  • Lo gong

    cantonese word for husband. mostly used by teens as a term of endearment for their boyfriends. girl: my lo gong got me roses for our anniversary. he’s so sweet 🙂

  • burrito remorse

    having an enjoyment of a burrito but later experiencing the consequences of a cr-p or puking etc. guy 1:that burrito was so delicious that i think i will have another! guy 2: i doubt you will once you have burrito remorse.

  • cobeerent

    the ability to slur your speech whilst drunk yet still be understood by your friends as they are drunk too. i was so hammered last night i could hardly talk. it’s ok though, i was still cobeerent.

  • Tech On The Road

    a person that makes hilarious comments that make no sense at any location, any time of day. this person is also very tech savvy, and can salvage, and make suprisingly good repairs to, any piece of technology. any actions by tech on the road are known as teching. the person is also often quite deft. […]

  • egyptian zipline

    a hard-on that you get at night which keeps you from sleeping. the teacher asked tommy why he failed his test. he said it was because he had an egyptian zipline last night.

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