a complete and total gay cl-sterf-ck.
bruce and marshall hired a new interior designer. his crew is a ridiculous cl-sterfugaysie.

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  • coae

    romanian word meaning “b-lls”. it’s used to call mates. ce faci coae? (wazzup bro’?) noroc, coae! (yo man!)

  • Shantilism

    the act of physically -ssaulting an amb-ssador. the norwegian diplomat was a victim of shantilism today, when angry protestors pelted rotten onions at him. in egypt the fear of shantilism forced emb-ssy workers to take extra precautions.

  • cockmobile

    any car that is used by a gay male to obtain c-ck. thuper billy crashed his c-ckmobile while getting roadhead from his boyfriend.

  • shao wei

    the most annoying and downright stupid thing in the universe. person 1: hey i was listening to music in cl-ss so i didn’t hear what the lecturer was teaching. can you teach me? person 2: don’t be such a shao wei. screw off.

  • glitching my Matrix

    a person who is causing you trouble or bother, especially in an odd, reality-disrupting way, is glitching your matrix. it can also be used as a curse/cry for help to an unseen, unresponsive deity for people undergoing philipkd-ckian existential crises. “f-ck off, you’re glitching my matrix.” or “stop glitching my matrix, g-d.”

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