something that is phat, sweet, phatsweet, totaly sick, phat dope, off the shiznit, or cool.
that concert was clutchbones. it could also be described as phatsweet or awesome. noogans.

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  • noobshop

    n. a chatroom or online game server populated with inexperienced and / or juvenile members. the term is pejorative. see also noob. b3dw3tt3r >> we are so gonna hack the fbi tomorrow nite….come chek out my irc channel #1337ha>> that’s it, i’m outta here. what a f-cking noobshop! get a life u n00bs!

  • TBTL

    too beautiful to live tbtl is the same thing as too beautiful to live

  • team bop

    when a player of a sports team has an outstanding game, his teammates gather all of their “girls” and -ssign them to bop the player “he had such a good game, he’s getting major team bop tonight”

  • wee wee spank

    masturbation… nuff said i jus went n had a wee wee spank. it done me good

  • weeyu

    a word used to make fun of one or more people who are complaining and/or being pathetic and expecting sympathy from others. “dude.. earlier today a 3 year old kid kicked me in the nuts!” “weeeeeyuuuuuuu!”

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