a women with both male and female reproductive s-x organs

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  • braydo

    a n-gg-r mhm yup, braydo braydo is a n-gg-r anyone: “you see that total and complete n-gg-r over there?” anyone else: “yeah, he’s a total braydo”

  • fire god

    when you stick a burning branch up her or his -sshole i fire god your dog last night.

  • christmas peasants

    christmas peasants: the people who rings the bell while standing next to the salvation army donation bucket. every walmart has christmas peasants outside ringing a bell near the entrance.

  • kapaam

    a person who a been disrespected by his/hers fraternity/sorority don’t talk to that kapaam over there.

  • fortnite nudes

    when you win a game with a girl and she has to send hey we got victory royale, now send fortnite nudes!

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