stands for crucial monster crew
probably one of the most ruthless, cutthroat crews out of the 7 cities.
some of their maina ctivities include pwning n00bz and jammin out.
kyle “dude, cmc crew-date tonight, you ganna come?”
jam “i’ll deff try man, i just need to find a ride”
acronym for “c-nt-m-ffin club”, a group of ‘hardcore’ boys in skinny jeans and flannel b-tton-downs who all share a common philosophy of douchiness
jeff is the king of cmc, with his constant ranting about the relationship between hardcore music and everything
cool man cool
made by my friend, shawn.
“i got laid today”
cool guy that rocks out with his c-ck out. and doesn’t care
chris m. mccurry- cmc
casi me cago…used instead of lol….
no manches guey, cmc de la inche risa…
cheers mate cheers
cool see you then, cmc
core metal crew

a group of three white men that love metla and metal loves them, anywhere from hardcore to death
also known for killing a lynching n-gg-rs on a daily basis
“oh sh-t the you hear about andre? he gone got f-cked up by the cmc because hes a f-ckin whack -ss n-gg- that smells like dry beef”

children of bodom- sixpounder playing in the background

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