crazy mother f-cker
he is such a c.m.f
a.k.a the crazy mills-fos. it is similar to the spit roast, it involves 4 people. 2 girls in the middle doing 69 and then a guy on each end going in doggy style.
millsy and leigh cmfed the sh-t outta these 2 b-tches.
acronymn for “calling me fat?”
steve: dang you ordered 2 burritos, 2 burgers, and an apple pie?

juan: cmf?
creepy mother f-cker.

basically a creeper to the max. the worst kind of creeper. someone who gives you the heeby jeebies just looking at them.
mr. richwood is a major cmf.
meaning-crazy m-th- f-ckas
people who go around at night egging cars,doin graffiti,basically anything 2 cause mischief

basically i made this up cause thats wut me and my friends do and thats wut we call ourselves
victim-d-mn those cmf egged my car again!
word from the small mountain town of paradise california that means crazy mother f-cker orrrr crazy mountain folk if your wearing it to school.
cmf cmf cmf cmf cmf cmf cmf cmf
c-cky mother f-cker
me: that guy over there is so full of himself
friend: yeah he’s a cmf

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