cmh = the most overly-dramatic, f-cking ridiculous, preppy-teenage-hot-mess driven high school in wisconsin. cmhaterz = the group of prissy rich kids who think that they’re hot sh-t and run the school. these amateurs deserve no sympathy for what they are going to experience as soon as they graduate. they could not survive/ever develop friendships without their parent’s precious money. all of you children who go there to show off your designer clothes, new cars, and fake tans, here’s a reality check: no one f-cking cares. get with the real world b-tches. good luck surviving college where you’re no longer ‘on top’ and people can tell you straight to your face that you’re all screwed up. best part about that is: they are right. and you, you will all sadly wind up working as restaurant cashiers making minimum wage, or you will be hobos living off of trash cans. sucks to suck, -ssholes.
girl 1: omg, so like i need to go tanning so badly. i am so pale. and did you see matt? he was wearing lacoste. ew. polo is so much better!

girl 2: i like totes agree! lets go spend my daddy’s money to boost our self confidence!

bystander (with a real brain): hahahah those girls are such dumb-sses. not to mention, they’ve faked baked so much that they’ve turned orange. what cmhaterz. sucks to suck ladies.

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