this means nothing and you should run if some one says this
“hi jeff cmip”
“oh sh-t! aaaaaah”

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  • cookhead

    a person who gets high, cooked, baked, sauced, etc. person 1: hey where’s my weed at? person 2: d-mn chill. you’re such a cookhead, i’ll get it soon. person 1: i’m not a cookhead!!!!! adult: team cookheads and team m-ffincakes should get together!!! person 2: aw sh-t, we got da munchieees

  • inbred pigfucker

    see bill clinton a.k.a. “bubba” bubba the pigf-cker sure was an inbred arkansas redneck!

  • leopoldy

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  • lobbyism

    government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, and for the lobbyists. also known as the united states of america. in the u.s. lobbyism flourishes at the expense of middle cl-ss americans. lobbyism is different from capitalism because it is based on greed and bribery; while capitalism implies business conducted on a “level playing field.” lobbyism […]

  • Americanitis

    a make believe disease used to describe the condition of overweight americans who think it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to be obese. an alarmingly high percentage of united states citizens suffer from americanitis. more should be done to educate the public about proper diet and exercise.

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