someone who thoroughly enjoys a full body wax or a wax of their genitals
muhammad is such a cnuk. jesse eisenberg lookalike always has his b-lls waxed

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  • brawlhalla

    a kick–ss game made in 2015. it has some sort of a vibe from another amazing game, super smash bros. it contains fighting content and weapons. there are ton osf hero’s too play as! also it consists of dodging and throwing. (dodging barely works half the time d:) i cant dodge!! stupid brawlhalla!!

  • kia forte

    race car what do you think this is? a civic? h-ll naw. that kia forte is a race car.

  • line dance

    in which a group of 5 or more girls lines up on a bed while a male repeatedly and in rapid succession thrusts and -j-c-l-t-s in them, usually for m-ss reproduction. “hey girl, wanna come over to my house and line dance?”

  • rolling betty

    the act of forcing your partner to roll over into any bodily waste i.e., s-m-n, blood, feces, or urine, that is left on the mattress after engaging in s-xual intercourse. “why are you mad at me, baby? ” “because you gave me a rolling betty while i was wearing my new shirt!”

  • open fly fishing

    to open the fly on someone’s pants and explore what lies beneath. in the taxi, the couple began open fly fishing!

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