a b-st-rdization of working with company while a student in college for alleged “mutual benefit”, or the exploitation of college students as low paid somewhat educated technical b-tch labor, or a person who wastes time at work by emailing other co-ops all day
i can’t believe that my years of learning have gotten me this office sp-ce-esque monkey job as a (cad, excel, ms office, etc.) b-tch.

we sent an average of 347.53 emails per day on teh co-op email list.
a coffee p–p.

while originally thought to by synonymous with moop, it is clear that not all moops are the result of coffee and not all coffee is consumed in the morning.
4 cups of coffee puts me in the bathroom all morning with a terrible case of the coop.
one of those cool kids who everyone is kinda afraid of, but he’s really the man. in short, no one is better.
man, i’m jealous of dan. he’s such a coop and all the girls want him.
co-op is a b-st-rdization of co-operative, which means “done with cooperation”. it is a commonly used term in multiplayer gaming to refer to a mode of play in the game where two or more players work together in playing the game.
i’m tired of deathmatching. does anybody want to play some co-op?
copesetic, acceptable, fine, or cool. often stated in a flippant or nonchalant manner.
“sorry i shattered your collarbone while we were playing frisbee, matt.”
“it’s coops.”
cool, but so cool that it is beyond the cliche of cool
oh maaan, i just wrote a song, it’s fully coops
the place where goz works.
jamal: “yo where goz be at b?”
tyrone: “man that n-gg- b at werk.”
jamal: “word? let’s rob that n-gg-!.”
tyrone: “nah nah nah. goz b koo. he be givin a n-gg- meat n sh-t. let’s rob felpel.
tyrone: “word, lets rob that n-gg- felpel.”

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