a substance that produces or aids coagulation.
historical examples

any but the very slightest trace of milkiness in the serum indicates an insufficiency of coagulant.
the preparation of plantation rubber sidney morgan

if the quant-ty of coagulant has been calculated to an average nicety, the serum should be just dubiously free from milkiness.
the preparation of plantation rubber sidney morgan

the net saving in coagulant alone amounted to 30 cents per million gallons.
chlorination of water joseph race

either insufficient acid has been used, or the mixing of latex and coagulant has been at fault.
the preparation of plantation rubber sidney morgan

such latices are difficult to handle in order to secure uniform mixture with the coagulant.
the preparation of plantation rubber sidney morgan

if a clear serum is obtained always, that should be an indication of continual excess of coagulant.
the preparation of plantation rubber sidney morgan

of these the substances which would evaporate would be probably the water and the coagulant in most cases.
the preparation of plantation rubber sidney morgan

it is mentioned here merely because some years ago it found a use as a coagulant, chiefly in ceylon.
the preparation of plantation rubber sidney morgan

this is at once an astringent and a coagulant for the blood, besides stimulating the womb to contraction.
special report on diseases of cattle u.s. department of agriculture

a substance that aids or produces coagulation

1770, from latin coagulantem (nominative coagulans), present participle of coagulare (see coagulate).

coagulant co·ag·u·lant (kō-āg’yə-lənt)
an agent that causes a sol or liquid, especially blood, to coagulate.
co·ag’u·lant adj.

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