used by members of the ever exclusive white middle cl-ss yacht scene and only the coolest of their friends to describe something unbelievably cool.

this is the latest slang in london and is said with a long ‘a’ as in ‘coastaal’.

originally used in marbella night clubs, the word is now used all over london and is fast spreading.

that’s sooo totally safe!
oh i know! isn’t it just coastaal?

i’m having a wicked rave time-
yeah this party is sooo coastal.
when pr-nounced with an elonagted ‘a’ in the finaly syllabul, “coastal” becomes an extremely positive and complemtary adjective, with its usage somewhat like that of “safe”.
“you going to se1 tonight bbz?”
“yaaaah ,totally, wow, it’s gonna be total coastal yah”
overgrown, overpopulated, crazy, illogical, or otherwise foolish.
example #1:

the corn yields are down this year because the weevils went all coastal.

example #2:

guy 1: between the retirees and migrant workers, arizona is getting crazy packed.

guy 2: true that, sh-t is getting coastal.

example #3:

guy 1: did you see that lard-ss drinking a 72 ounce diet c-ke?

guy 2: coastal!
-adj. of or relating to trashy people, especially the white trash inhabiting the various coastal areas of the eastern u.s. seaboard on a year around basis. used most often to describe the female denizens of myrtle beach, s.c.; florida panhandle, lower alabama, or l.a., and anywhere on the new jersey coast.
“did you see that b-tch driving the trans am?”

“sahhn, she was so coastal.”
to keep ones options open. like a bird flying along the coastline, neither heading inland or out to sea, refraining from making a decision at the present time.

generally refers to a current indecision about where to party that night when given two possible options.

used most commonly in new zeland where birds can be seen loitering around the coastline, often a common location for bars/clubs.
“hey where are you heading out tonight? (insert name here)’s party or clubbing downtown?”

“hmm, im still coastal at the moment.”

or “im keeping it coastal.” (when pressured to make a decision)

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