p-n-s; though the term can be used in any fashion when referring to a human p-n-s, it is most commonly used to describe an act of f-ll-t–.
get over here and suck my cobb.
to beat the cr-p out of
andrew cobbed tim for making fun of his girlfriend.
a noun, verb or adjective describing poor quality or workmanship, particularly in construction or the crafts.

syn. n. hack artist

syn. v. f-ck up, goof, destroy

syn. adj. sh-tty, cr-ppy, lousy
the quality of that redwood deck is so cobb
an individual that is very poorly dressed. one that has payed no attention to what he or she is wearing, while in the company of others that are properly dressed.
did he know we were going to a nice place, he’s dressed like a total cobb?
stands for: can of busted biscuits

for all those fat wanna-be girls who think they still look good in size 5 jeans, but instead show the world their rolls.
person1: eww, look at that cobb!
person2: dang girl! buy some pants that fit!!
1. a guy that plays the male part in gay s-x and sticks his p-ck-r in the other guys -ss.
2. the p-ck-r of a gay guy that plays the male part in gay s-x and sticks his p-ck-r in the other guys -ss.
1. john’s grandpa is an old cobb.
2. that queer stuck his cob through a glory hole.
verb; to hold the joint for more than 10 minutes.
please don’t cobbs that doobie.

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