a h-ll of a drug according to rick james.
“cocaine is a h-ll of a drug”- rick james on the chapelle show

dont sniff to hard though you might hurl
the reason i don’t have a father
because of cocaine, the male who injected sperm in my mother, or my father, left me to rot. not even child support money
cocaine is a naturally derived cns (central nervous system) stimulant extracted and refined from the coca plant grown primarily in the andean region of south america. cocaine is typically a white-ish powder with a bitter, numbing taste. it is most often insufflated (snorted), though it can also be injected and used orally.

while powder cocaine can be smoked to some effect (despite common belief otherwise), it is a very inefficient method of ingestion. because of the high temperatures present when smoking, powder cocaine tends to burn rather than vaporizing. for this reason, freebase cocaine, also known as crack, is created from powder cocaine for smoking. freebase cocaine vaporizes at smoking temperatures providing more effect with less material, as well as faster onset and a more intense high than powder cocaine..
after insufflating some cocaine, i felt a new sense of awareness.
cocaine is actually a rich man’s aspirin
cocaine will ease the pain. then your heart explodes, causing brief pain; then death.
a naturally occuring stimulant that is one of the most popular of the hard drugs used nowadays. highly addictive and often of questionable purity (due to it being cut w/ so many things by so many people), it is a dangerous drug. still rather expensive dosage-wise but cheaper than it was in the 90s and much cheaper today than it was in the 80s. usually a powder (not crack, that’s another story) that comes in two forms— dull white granules (cr-ppy stuff) or sparkly, off-white flakes (primo stuff).

effects— alot like speed, but “cleaner” and not as long-lasting. basically it gives a person lots of energy, makes them more alert and more sharp mentally, gives people a “euphoria” thats difficult to explain— it’s sort of a feeling of invincibility with a simultaneous feeling that all is right in the world. some people say that it’s like ecstasy but you love yourself instead of others. cocaine also has a pleasurable numbing effect (on gums, lips, etc).
unfortunately, the drug only lasts ~40 min at the most and the crash is very, very bad, with intense cravings, depression, and paranoia. addiction soon after experimental use is not uncommon.

basically— stay away from the devil’s dandruff.
” cocaine’s a h-ll of a drug ” – rick james
a drug that is so important that you lie to the people that you love and steal from the people that trust you in order to get high.
i will never do cocaine. i would never want to put someone through what i’ve been through.
yeyo; frank; bugar sugar; white; nose candy; lump; b-mps; i think you get the idea
i used to f-ck with white, but man that sh-t sucks. it tears your -ss apart, you can’t f-ckin’ sleep and you feel like sh-t the next day. all of the above can be overlooked if you get it for free.

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