to be stupid in some way or a jerk.
don’t be such a c-ckalaka!

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  • hotnessness

    when something or someone exceeds the normal level of hot. geri was the personification of hotnesseness that night. on a cold night meeting someone of that hotnessness warmed up everything

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    the state of feeling comfy and like you’re in the early morning. “i am feeling quite morningy today “

  • backseat freedom

    the phrase has taken on two interpretations referring to either the old days when seatbelts weren’t required, or the more popular risquè version alluding to getting frisky with a partner in the backseat of a vehicle. “i’m a child of backseat freedom, baptised by rock and roll.”

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  • chuckalina

    child genitalia… a cute name for your kids for their private parts always wipe your chuckalina after going pee pee madelyn.

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