he was late for work and made up some c-ckamimi excuse.

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  • Franconia Corn Dog

    when you take a corn cob from the outhouse and use it to ream your chick, because you drank too much moonshine and can’t keep it up. “sweet mercy, klem, i done got so sh-tfaced off that new hampshire hooch, i gave yer cuz–my sister–one grade-a franconia corn d-gg-n’!

  • Give her your drivers license

    to end a relationship in an awkward way, to break up with. i’d heard that you and heather were fighting, but i didn’t know you were going to give her your drivers license.

  • Glamcore

    a style of p-rnography featuring model-quality actors, natural lighting, minimalist settings, and cinematic hd camerawork. oftentimes filmed to suggest a romantic storyline, and accompanied by soft instrumental music. sites like x-art, babes, and p-ssion hd specialize in glamcore p-rnography. into the scene and dedicated to glam/glamour style, glam is s-xually attractive and alluring people. hot […]

  • gnerp

    a person that looks like a small animal. a funny looking object could be gnerp like you look like a gnerp! the sound made by a penguin. boy: ‘hey, a penguin!’ penguin: ‘gnerp gnerp gnerp!’

  • gmad

    an abbreviation for a #1 college website called good music all day. the beats are dope on this and lead you to free downloads. dude did you hear gmad’s new fall semester playlist?

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