a dinosaur from the jer-ssic period with few preserved fossils, its c-ck is so large it is said to be able to knock out any dinosaur with one hard swing of its m-ssive p-n-s
c-ckasaurusrex defeated the spinosaurus again! d-mn!
a giant d-ck bigger than 8 inches long.
i hope that b-tch is ready for my c-ckasaurus rex.
a very larger male reproductive organ
hey sis stay away from that guy his c-ck-a-saurus-rex shredded my v-g-n- last weekend my uterus was bruised and required medical attention. (sis looks longingly at the bulge and thinks hmmm a little dino-c-ck sounds pretty good.)
the name of an extra large p-n-s.
he must have a c-ckasaurus-rex in his pants, because that’s a big buldge.
term used for the ch-r-ographer in all male three-ways, a very difficult task.
dude, we gotta call in the c-ckasaurus rex, i can’t for the life of me figure out how to do an all-male threeway.
someone who spends the majority of their life sucking c-ck or another word for a h-m-s-xual.
person 1: i am positive mitch is a h-m-s-xual
person 2: he is becoming quite the c-ckasaurus rex

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