a very hard s-xual position that usually requires some type of gymnastics skills
yea i’d like to reverse piledrive her, but i haven’t figured out the right moves yet – yea dude, it’s a real c-ckbender
1. a man with a tight -ss, usually working in an office environment. 2. an -n-l virgin. 3. one who bends c-cks with his/her orifices or extremities.
man, that seth guy in sales is such a f-cking c-ckbender.
one who bends the erected c-ck
jesus, logans mom is a real c-ckbender. i cant walk straight and neither can my erection
a male or female, who for some reason cannot get enough c-ck and will go to extremes to get as much as possible in an undetermined amount of time.
vinnie said, it’s like dorothy has been on a c-ckbender for the last five years.
one who painfully bends c-ck
that prost-tute was a real c-ckbender

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