the extension of the word “c-ckd-ck” by adding another noun for a part of a male: the main component of the genitalia, p-n-s.

generally used to express excitement, or suprise.

also used to describe someone who is just a plain douchebag, when using the word douchebag just isn’t enough.
1) “holy sh-t you’re driving wayy to fast. ahhh!! sh-t!! b-lls!! c-ckd-ckp-n-s!!!”
2) “dude, i can’t believe you’d have s-x with my mom in my bed. you knocked over my hamster cage and it fell into the heating vent! my whole house smells like hamster burrito, you c-ckd-ckp-n-s!”

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  • cocked on my neck

    when someone disses you or hates on you or causes discomfort ex 1: did she say no to going out with you? yea, she totally c-cked on my neck ex 2: my boss c-cked on my neck this morning by having me clean the bathroom

  • Cocked over

    the act of getting c-cked over means to get owned in a video game or in real life. if somthing bad happens to you you would get c-cked over wow i got c-cked over by that camper

  • bustoxicated

    busted while drinking alone at home my sis got caught bustoxicated by her boyfriend

  • fwumpty

    adj. (fw uhm’-tee): used to describe a girl with nice big t-tties and/or a nice big booty or a girl with those attributes check out that girl over there with that dope -ss…dude that sh-t is fwumpty as f-ck…

  • busy day doing nothing

    industrial usage of leisure time, doing nothing with vigor! extreme laziness!! doing nothing that will improve ones’ lot in any way, financially or strategically. usually, i would have to rush off to “prepare for battle” (get ready for work) -now i’m going to have a busy day doing nothing!!

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