its a mix between rediculous, with gayness involved


when the gay p-rn came up, tommy yelled, “this is c-ckdicular!”.

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  • scrubby dutchman

    when a chick is giving you head and right when you blow your load you put her in a headlock and give her a noogie you must say -(ohh you lil motherf-cker) i’m gonna give you a scrubby dutchman

  • scrumwad

    much like a w-nker or douchebag, but more to do with a rugby/soccer/aussie rules football fan found in a faux irish/british/aussie pub. i just thought of it yesterday. i don’t expect it to catch on, but if it does i f-cking want my credit. everything was cool until the obnoxious scrumwads came in to watch […]

  • Sean and Char

    usually make a great pair. best friends until the end of time. madly in love. i wish to have a sean and char type of relationship

  • Cock Pecked

    woman who is completely under the control of the man she is with! sasha is completely c-ck pecked. she’s even stopped wearing shorts like he demands. i wonder what a hen pecked man and a c-ck pecked woman would look like, together?

  • colon-scraping

    verb: the act of having -n-l intercourse; see also n. colon-scr-per; related-words p–pd-ck dude, i’m going on a date with this ck1 t-ssle tonite… i think i’ll be colon-scr-ping until dawn!

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