a term generally used when you have f-cked something up because it sounds better than p-ssingf-ckingcr-p of b-ll-cks. its a lovely word because it has c-ck in it (which the majority of us are big fans of) and i feel that any word with ingtons on the end is much easier on the ears of those yet to be corrupted!!
“c-ckingtons! i have left the house in my pjs again!”
“i have one m-f- of a hangover, good c-ckingtons, it must have been the whiskey!.. or the wine.. wine is baaaaaaad. argh my head! oh the c-ckingtons of it all!!!”

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  • Cocklean

    verb: to skew, to angle, to slant. “you c-ckleaned the lampshade when you b-mped it! fix it!” or “caitlin! that doesn’t look right, you gotta c-cklean that table!”

  • cock-knocker-monkey-sniffer

    when will denney flashes someone his -ss cheeks while masturbating to ebony p-rn. while he does this, grace is shoving a d-ld- up his bellyb-tton and tickles him. f-ck, i just got c-ck-knocker-monkey-sniffer. im crying deep inside.

  • Cockolantern

    an illuminated c-ck given its glow by a glow in the dark condom zomg its radioactive its a c-ck no its c-ckolantern!

  • cockortunity

    judging a career opportunity on the premise of there being hot chicks that work there or immediately in the vicinity of the place. “the job in the valley is a little closer to my house, but the job in the city seems to be a better c-ckortunity for me.”


    be right back, (the) fbi (is at my door) mark> isn’t that illegal? jesse> hmm.. jesse> brbfbi brbfbi is a meme that originated from srs hackers who were busted during a srs lan party. they all were killed by a rock slide. however, their phrase of choice lives on. it is the phrase of choice […]

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