to be weary or careful around new p-n-ses.
c-ck, p-n-s, c-cksious,, unknown, strange p-n-s.

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  • cockston

    the same meaning of c-ck, d-ck joey jordison: “some weird f-cking thing covering my c-ckston”

  • cock wrangler

    a individual who l-sso’s, or tethers a c-ck with his or her hands “you f-cking c-ck wrangling b-tch, i knew you were gay” one who wrestles male genitalia for recreational purposes. john went downtown today with the bros and they got naked and wrangled each others c-cks, no h-m-. he was the c-ck wrangler for […]

  • sceneivorous

    one whose primary source of nutrition is the scenery whlie acting. while some actors may be accused of chewing the scenery in a particular scene, a sceneivorous actor has now evolved into a creature with no other sustenance for his career. reference “herbivorous/carnivorous” – plant-eating and meat-eating – as well as “chewing the scenery” as […]

  • scepticism

    a doughting or questioning att-tude p1:that person we saw on tv has a lot of scepticism!! p2:true dat!!

  • scheizer

    dude sh-tting on a chick and her liking it. he banged her but she didnt c-m till he scheizered on her

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