a porsche boxster, from the habits of their drivers, primarily c-cks. c-ckster owners are famous for being gigantic -ssholes to cover up for the fact that they couldn’t afford a 911, but still want to be as sn-bby as one a 911 pilot.

usually justifies his spending via a discussion of how raw power isn’t important, it is the raw feel of a car, handling, etc. may make reference (rightfully so) to how the 911 is still putting its engine in the wrong place, but do not be fooled by his pseudointellectualism, no matter his justification, n-body will buy a boxster if they can afford a 911.
that f-cking c-ckster cut me off!
1. a male ranging from the age of 18 to 34 who is s-xually attracted to much older women.
2. a young man who ‘looks’ for cougars, or nougars.
3. opposite of cougar for the male species.
4. informal. a desperate male.
(setting: at a local bar or club)
jeff: look at that girl!
ruben: who, the cougar?
jeff: she’s banging.
ruben: she’s like 50!
jeff: i’d fu–er.
ruben: you c-ckster!
a man or a woman who acts exceedingly c-cky for an unnecessary or unworthy reason. although it is meant to be slightly insulting, it is more of a jesting comment.

typically occurs during intense, alcohol based games such as beer pong.
frat boy: “h-ll yeah i just made a cup in pong! i am so f-cking awesome, no one’s got sh-t on me…this game is already over.”

bystander: “…lol, what a c-ckster…”
a person, usually a male, who has c-cky mannerisms.
please dump john – he is such a c-ckster! can’t stand why you are still hanging onto this loser.

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