1. a combination of c-cktail and business casual attires.

2. looking like a d-ck without really trying.
falcon, i’ve got a hot date tonight – don’t you think i should go with a c-cktual look?

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  • Father-U to C-Cypher

    meaning ‘f-ck you to the police’ father -u meaning f-ck you and c-cypher is police (see c-cypher punks) cappadonna from wu-tang mentions father-u to c-cypher on a joint called 97 mentallity.

  • FDNY

    fire department of new york 9/11/01 “all gave some, some gave all” no words are necessary.those 4 letters say it all…always and forever the best, thru service,bravery and sacrifice. i’ve met pro ballplayers and other boring celebrities and none of them had the cl-ss and dignity of the fdny lt.who i met on a trip.

  • febre

    a magical wardrobe in narnia, they use a febre to travel into the magical land a big nosed pelican with a habit for eating lots of food randomly but still remaining skinny. “oh my god the febre is coming to destroy the city!”

  • blipvert

    originally refers to high-intensity short-length commercials in the 80s scifi television show “max headroom”. conversationally it has come to mean any advertis-m-nt or otherwise popular (sub-)cultural touch point (eg. viral video) that is on the order of seconds in length. have you seen that jessica alba nipslip blipvert on youtube yet?

  • blob strop

    female premenstrual syndrome. the time once a month when your lovely gentle lady turns into the psycho b-tch wh-r- from h-ll “hey bob, did the missus like the flowers you got her on friday?” “nah,she was having a blob strop and i amost got ’em stuck up my -rs-“

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