when a woman is occupied by another man.

can mean s-xually or simply speaking with.

if you wish to speak to a woman, and she is currently speaking with another man, she is said to be c-ckupied.

note: the other definition listed here should be cl-ssified as “prec-ckupied”
d-mn, slim! all the broads at this party are c-ckupied! how am i supposed to put my thang down here?!

i told you this sh-t was wack! let’s go to da club! der be da freaks!
describing a situation in which a girl is speaking with a man other than yourself. the girl is occupied by a c-ck, c-ckupied.
hey george, why aren’t you talking to laura?

ahh shucks d-ck, she’s c-ckupied by that -sshole donald!
occupied by being in the midst of any s-x acts involving the p-n-s.
i tried calling him to confirm our lunch plans but he was c-ckupied.
similar to occupied but specifically referring to one’s (or another”s) p-n-s. can also include instances in which one is made busy by any action with intent to use one’s p-n-s
example 1
phil: “hey, where’s rob? i thought he said he be here tonight.”

jerry: “yeah, he did. but he met a cute girl at the bar and wouldn’t leave.”

phil: “that rob, he’s always c-ckupied…”

example 2
jack (waiting in line for the bathroom after a long night at the bar with a friend): “hey man, you still c-ckupied in there or can i take a leak??”

example 3
the urologist had a long day at work after being consistently c-ckupied for 8 straight hours.
a description for a place or event that is full of dudes (i.e. occupied by c-cks).

brodeo, sausage fest, meat convention- these are all places/events that would be described as c-ckupied.
derd 1: “hey, let’s go try to get some girls to touch our wieners!”

derd 2: “ok, but we’re not going to squirrel’s house again. it’s useless. that dude’s parties are always just c-ckupied.”
when a woman is obsessed with male genetalia. the female equivilant of “p-ssy whipped”.
her boyfriend must be hung, ’cause she’s obviously c-ckupied.

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