– a straight woman or gay guy who enjoys p-n-s time, with no preference as to size, colour, sparkliness or levels of use; as wombles like to find things, recycle them, make them their own new favourite thing & enjoy a good fiddle & playing session!
l: how was your night?

p: good thanks, although ended with me being quite a c-ckwomble! always fun!

l: excellent, i need a c-ckwomble session!
the best insult known to man!
don’t speak to that guy, he’s a complete c-ckwomble!
male-directed insult. also describes the tendency to rummage in your underwear m-ssaging ones genitals as if looking for litter to pick up (hence womble )
look at that guy. he is such a c-ckwomble.
an idiot of the highest degree
why that c-ckwomble neil doncaster has sat on his -rs- for so long is unbelievable.
an overly officious oaf or spiteful person.

someone who takes great delight in the misery of others by being deliberately obtuse and ignorant.
“i couldn’t get into the nightclub. that c-ckwomble on the door said i didn’t look like the photo on my id card!”

“that c-ckwomble neighbour has let his dog sh-t on my lawn again!”
when a man dresses up in a wobble outfit and only his c-ck is hanging out and he has s-x with someone.
“so how was s-x with jim last night?”
“it was so bad he totally c-ckwombled me!”

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