not c-cky or confident, but a little bit of both
calvin is not c-cky nor confident, he’s c-ckydent

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  • ripstick n*gg*

    a individual of african american decent that excels at the skill of using a ripstick. these individuals are usually featured in youtube video’s that highlight their skills along with music from the mid 2000s. wow! did you see that guy do the kick flip on that ripstick? he is a true ripstick n-gg-!

  • gazabas

    slang for big ol t-tt–s or melons or jugs or b–bies. t-ts melons jugs t-ttiespuppies hooters honkers b–bs b–bies did ya see the set of gazabas on that girl?

  • post gaming

    after an insane victory, that night shotgun a beer, blast your favorite tunes, shotgun another, and sleep naked for extra measures bro that game was crazy! i’m definitely post gaming tonight!

  • yeloader

    someone who consumes reviews and never contributes in any way. he’s such a yeloader. he’s always b-tch-ng because there aren’t enough reviews but he has never written one either.

  • path d*ck

    when you go for a hike and you finally see another person on the trail. you smile and say “hi” and they totally ignore you. i ran into a bunch of path d-cks while going up to siffleur falls.

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