the best drink ever.
like heated chocolate milk, but with more love.
i drank cocoa once. it made my life better.
a fun-loving little person a big heart! sometimes possess gremlin-like qualities. enjoys sweatpants. proud teen mom with a baby girl named chloe. makes random sounds. frequently uses a step stool. savoury. enjoys consuming her first name. stares. wears socks and sandals (so italian). crazy soccer player. speed demon. country gal. likes to sniff people. also referred to as cocoa bean, cocoa puff, and ponyboy
i love fun-sized things, they’re so cocoa
a person or thing that is smooth or rich. similar to phat, “the sh-t” and “the bomb”.
that watch jane has on is cocoa!

you can’t get with her, she is too cocoa for you.
a general term used for the male genetalia.
whoa jed, his cocoa hung low!!!
a small worthless dog that is stupid stuck up and not as awesome as any other dog
that dogs a cocoa hes not as good as blazer
the perfect angel of a baby that is able to easily express her moods thru facial expressions and sounds. she is able to show her loving side thru smiles and kisses however if she is unhappy – she will use her bulldog face. she intimidates many but chooses to be direct and it works for her. she will continue to thrive and grow into a superb and opinionated ittle human and eventually a force to be reckoned with. ***she prefers small hair accessories in lieu of extremely large ones***
every parent hopes to have a baby that is cocoa.

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