cod4 is an abbreviation to the game call of duty 4 modern warfare. the game is on playstation 3, xbox 360 and pc.
i’m gonna go play cod4 with my mates!
call of duty 4

creates a new greeting replacing “hi” and “what’s up”
“what level are you now man?”
“54 almost prestiging”

cod4 is life
the reason i dont leave my house anymore
bill: “hey fancy going out for a meal then going for a few?”
ben: “sorry i started my 4th prestige last night i’m only level 22, i need to get level 55 gold cross then i can possibly start to live my life out again”
bill: “what are you talking about?”
ben: “cod4 ofcourse”
an abbreviation for the game t-tle call of duty 4 – one of the best games out for the playstation 3 and the xbox 360. another shorter abbreviation is just plain old ‘cod’.

yo, wanna play some cod 4 tonight?

i going to try and my golden lmg on cod 4 tonight

cod has taken over my life…who gives a sh-t
among the greatest first-person shooters ever made, developed by infinit ward. every man on earth know what this game is.
yeah, im hitting up cod4 tonight, playing with kyle, getting to the first prestige, ha.
easily the best online console fps. although played on p.c format, its hardcore fans stay console based.

but don’t be warned, this game has a reputation for utterly addictive gameplay, which can cause the breakdown of any social life what so ever. this game can not be casually played at first; its simple… log on, play you sit there, leveling up and just trying to unlock that new camoflauge, or desert eagle you really want……or need.

before you know it, 3-4 hours have p-ssed and you haven’t took of your school bag, i should know, its happened to me.

my coursework rates dropped and my actually real life friends stopped talking to me for a while, until i finally hit that prestige 10, lvl 55 level cap.

but the enjoyment does not end there, i went for golden guns and fopr the next few weeks my battle with rl and the game becaome stupid, i was foing allnighters, not going out all weekends just to get my red tiger scorpion.

so dont say i dident warn you, say h-llo to cod 4 say goodbye to your life.

oh cod…how i love you so… <3 jack-dude you playing cod 4 tonight? will- ofc bro! im on as soon as im back! jack- cool, we have a clan match at like 6, but it got prosponed, so youdont mind sdtaying up till like 3 to play it huh? will-nah thats 1337 pwning teh nubs after dark is more fun! jack- ^.^ will ^.^!

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