acronym for children of deaf adults. usually referring to hearing children, not deaf children.
andrew and joe are coda’s because their parents are both deaf
acronym for children of deaf adults

coda is used to characterize people over the age of eighteen who have deaf parents.
1) you’re a coda!?! do you know sign language? can your parents lip-read?
check out dat -ss reffering to opposite s-x
d-mn wow coda bro!!!!! you saw her, yeah dude thats a fine piece of -ss.
one who lives underground, sleeps alot and acts like a hippy
justin coda is a coda
a noun meaning anything from v-g-n-, to b–bs,to “pee pee”, to -ss. it is used in a s-xual manner and is derived from band cl-sses. a relating word would be poon. but coda sounds better.
“let me see yo coda baby” “i see you b-mping, and griding up on that pole. you see me lookin at ya baby and u already know, i want yo coda.” “jimmy…show me ya coda.” “will….i wanna see yo coda.”

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