mostly a boy’s name but when used for a girl makes a brill person. funny,crazy and happy. a boy comes to mind when you say corey but there are a few girls with that name. corey means beautiful youth and amazement all in one.
codey’s so sweet
have you met her?
yes her
a boy who is very sweet and understanding. he gives great advice and he knows what to say at the right times (sometimes). he’s a really great guy and sometimes people underestimate him. he can be a total -ss, but you gotta love him!
codey? oh i love him!!! 🙂
this guy is amazing in every way. he knows what to say, and when to say it. he knows the best way to hold a girls hand, to kiss her face, and to show her his love. he want’s to be in the military and not just any branch. this type of guy goes for the hard core, the marines.
“omg! codey is the best boyfriend in the world!”
that boy from ca who you talk to on chatroulette and doesn’t try to show you his p-n-s, but instead plays games of tic-tac-toe with you and talks about life. he’s a handsome devil, and a real gentleman who will compliment your smile.
you wouldn’t believe it! i was on chatroulette with codey…but i accidentally dropped my keyboard and hit next. 🙁
codey is the s-xy guy in the world, whos just fabulous with the laidies
1. this is the code for when the entire world (except for a small sect) becomes mentally handicapped (see r-t-rded)

2. the best underground band-to-be ever
guy 1: dude, the whole world has gone r-t-rded!
guy 2: oh snap! code y!

guy 1: code y is the best band ever.
the biggest stud to ever walk the planet.
codey is a complete stud!
maddest kid i have ever spoken too!!
very creative
can hold a deep conversation
will probs read this xd
has the best sense of humor around
thinks little of himself, when he shouldnt
is always good to go to for advice
oms!! its codey!!,

who? codey? oh hes madd!!!

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