pay, as in salary or hourly wage.
“dude, with a job t-tle like -ssistant manager, you should be pulling down some major coinage.”

“my dear board members, as ceo, i recommend for myself some huge coinage and a golden parachute!”
the act of coining or inventing new words
few acts are as conceited, supercilious, and trite as coinage of contrived words, most of which will never see their day in the vernacular.
using a large amount of coins to pay for an item to lighten purse baggage often p-ssing off the checkout staff.

checkout: thats $5.35 thanks

person: brings out change

checkout: 5c 5c 5c 5c 5c 5c 5c 5c… hold on..5c..10c..15c..20c -1 minute p-sses

person: sorry about the coinage

checkout: thanks, and stuffs the rest into the till

checkout later finds that the till is down on money
coinage is to guys as cleavage is to chicks. guys have big money, girls have big b–bs.
girl: whoa, eric has some major coinage!

guy: dude, check out cindys cleavage! theres like no gap!
money in the form of metal coin, shrapnel,
do you have any coinage for the drink machine?
to give out chocolate coins to other people for free.
“does anybody want coinage?”
“yes please” “oh yum”

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