urban dictionary coincidence

while editing, coming across a word you had submitted yourself weeks earlier.
wow, i’m judging my own word! what an urban dictionary coincidence! approve approve approve!

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  • whiskey dry

    whiskey with c-ke… two parts whiskey 1 part cola yo, cizzle stratch… get me a whiskey dry

  • bparents

    a term that can be used to describe an adopted child’s original set of parents, as in: “biological” parents or “birth” parents on the other hand, aparents can mean “adoptive” parents. she does not know who her bparents are.

  • Burglar King

    burger king where everyone steals the food, because its so cr-ppy to buy. no one wants to pay, because its cr-p for it so they steal it. i stole a burger from burglar king.

  • pag sure

    to ask someone if he/she is certain about something; to clarify something; english translation: are you sure boy: i think i like you.. girl:huh? pag sure? :d

  • backdoor nightmare

    when you f-ck a girl in the -ss while she’s p-ssed out. i gave this b-tch a backdoor nightmare last night after she p-ssed out.

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