stephen colbert, host of the colbert report. the s-xiest comedian on television, not to mention his amazing chemistry with jon stewart. in addition, colbert is also a great dancer, can flip to his desk, and obviously, is very handsome.
i watch the colbert report to see the beautiful,s-xy stephen colbert.
verb. to talk rings around your opponent until they begin to sputter, are rendered speechless and become, therefore, impotent (aka nailed) as their argument collapses around them. submitted in honor of the television comedian stephen colbert, the great, brave and high master of satire and truthiness.
he tried to bulldoze him with his theories during the debate but he was colberted in two minutes flat.
verb – to create a new word using existing words in the english language in the same fashion as stephen colbert from the colbert report on comedy central.

stephen colbert often introduces new words his show invents in both the opening credits and in his monologue.
stephen colberted the words wikiality, truthiness, and superstantial.
verb: to mock or make fun of people who deserve to be mocked or made fun of. also, to point out the painfully obvious shortcomings of a person, situation or inst-tution.
it was so much fun colbert-ing those canadians who were walking down the street with that silly beaver.
a phobia of canadians, normally attributed to blocked memories of an upbringing by south carolina hillbillies.
stephen colbert
the act of true american patriotism in bed. first, purchase greeter smocks from wal-mart, which will be the only clothing worn. then, use a jug of oil (bonus points if it’s from the deep-fryer at mcdonald’s or motor oil from gm) and slather it on each other. then, while watching leave it to beaver, full house or a similar wholesome family sitcom, bust a nut on the female proclaiming “you just got punk’d”. in retaliation, the woman takes a hot dog and eating-contest style, slides it fully into her throat, then turns over her partner and, again only using her mouth, pushes it between his -ss cheeks. she then is free to bind his hands and waterboard him with urine. top it all off by sticking a mini american flag in the hot dog while watching the o’reilly factor and listening to howard stern.
man, i don’t know what happened last night. me and the wife were drinkin’ moonshine when all the sudden she decided we should colbert.
verb;(coal-bear) to sarcastically make fun of someone or something;

derived from the colbert report hosted by stephen colbert on comedy central and the sooned to be named new part of the sp-ce station section named colbert after stephen colbert of the colbert report
“dude you just got colberted!!!”
“colbert just colberted obama on the colbert report!!!”

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