Cold as Ice

1.) a person who is cruel and inconsiderate to their loved ones, especially their lovers/girlfriends/boyfriends/fiancés/husbands/wives.

2.) a song by the band foreigner, from their 1977 debut self t-tled alb-m.
1.) my ex-girlfriend is as cold as ice. i would advise you to not date her, dawg!

2.) “you’re as cold as ice
you’re willing to sacrifice our love.
you’re as cold as ice,
but someday you’ll pay the price i know.
i’ve seen it before, it happens all the time.
closing the door, you leave the world behind.
you’re digging for gold,
yet throwing away
a fortune in feelings,
but someday you’ll pay
when he/she decides to become a habitual line stepper, or decides to slap someone without reguard.
have you seen rick james…he is cold as ice…
(1) a b-tch.

(2) usually a woman who, if she were a man, would get her -ssaulted after almost everything she says and does.

(word originates from the late-70’s and has been -ssociated with the foreigner hit song, “cold as ice”.)
“i can’t believe she was willing to sacrifice our love. she’s cold as ice!”
super 1337 team leader.

goes by the name coldasice and is in a 1337 clan called #clan|ufo. watch out for this guy hes got skillz
cpl this summer 😡

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