cold shoulder

a form of body language what occurs when a person is ignoring you completely. it is usually an action represented by turning your black/shoulder towards the target and not communicating to them even though the subject is obviously attempting to talk to you.

it is usually caused when you do something worth deserving that amount of ignoring such as date raping them, completely disregarding their needs, and, but not limited to, abusing their attributes for your own b-tch–ss needs.
when you do something completely uncalled for and is very hateful of you for doing that and (s)he ignores you for the longest time.

or when you try to talk to someone but they just walk away or turn their back towards you.

“dude, stop giving her cold shoulder just because she dumped you.”

“megan, why are you giving me cold shoulder? all i did was beat up your dad…. and murder your mom…. and rape your little sister…. thats nothing to be mad about. you know i still care about you right?”
1. when one neglects to communicate with another person because they are in a bad mood

2. a reference to lord of the rings, when frodo baggins is stabbed with a wraith’s sword in the shoulder. his shoulder becomes cool to the touch.
1. f-ck, man, my b-tch hallie’s giving me the cold shoulder. it must be ’cause i f-cked her sister.

2. gandalf: why’s this n-gg-, frodo, layin’ here like he f-ckin’ got stabbed with a wraith’s sword?
when a female rejects a guy after he tries to get into her under garments. also, when one of your friends tries to compliment or hit on a girl, and she disses him. usually reffered to in sign language by patting your shoulder, showing your wingman that your chances with the hot breezie is going down to china town.
max was trying to be all slick n stuff, by telling molly she had nice smelling hair, but she gave him the cold shoulder when she stomped on his nuts with high heels and left.
a term originating from the gay scene in texas referring to the hiv virus and/or aids
shortly after my sleepover with jack up on brokeback mountain i realized he’d given me the cold shoulder.

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