another word for -ss, booty, b-tt, rear end, hiney, tush
she was shaking her colice all over the place.
d-mn! did you see the size of her colice?

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    when you pop a b-n-r in church on easter sunday. bill: what is your problem? richard: i’ve got a b-n-r out of no where! bill: you mean you have a resurrerection? richard: …that’s not funny. acquiring an erection after an erection within a minimal amount of time. i had an erection with your last kiss […]

  • lawn butter

    what your best friend leaves on your gr-ss after a night of drunken debauchery. most often -ssociated with raging teenage hormones and no quiet location in which to deposit the shower baby evidence. kevin is such a f-g, he left lawn b-tter next to the tent.

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