collect call

the best way to stay in contact with unloved ones, such as ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-spouse, ex-partner, ex-f-ckbuddy, ex-relative and all other least favorite people. collect calls are the most expensive option for calling, so use a payphone and dial 0 to show your ex-loved one how much you care.
yo! i made a collect call to my ex from jail and the phone company banged her $30! revenge ain’t cheap!
when an ex or any person calls you knowing you and them are not cool or friends.
i wish maddie would stop collect calling me like she still has mins.
a poker term. when someone calls with a monster hand w/ the intention of trapping their opponent down the road.
with a flop of a-a-2 joe led out with a raise of $100 feeling relatively good about his pocket eights. steve hesitated and then called. this made joe feel better about his hand. little did he know steve was collect calling with a-2.
when you’re banging some chick at her house, call her on your cell phone, and when she tries to answer the phone give her a nice donkey punch.

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