college park high school

rival to the woodlands high school and oak ridge. mostly white kids and a very tough academic environment. the pep rallies are lame and there is no school spirit whatsoever. if you aren’t in the academy of science and technology, good luck because you’re on your own. nothing interesting happens here, except redneck hicks chewing tobacco and students getting caught having s-x. the -ssistant princ-p-ls’ sole purpose is to dress code people and just give you a hard time. the school food is sh-t, so if you don’t want explosive diarrhea or dysentery, bring a lunch. the teachers are ehh, the football team sucks, and the school has of lot of cliques. there is a self-t-tled “relevant group” that only consists of football players and cheerleaders. also, if you want drugs, they are readily available through the mexican ‘gangs’.
person 1: hey, you know that school college park high school?

person 2: the one with 3,000 white kids, 900 mexicans, and 100 black kids? it sucks!

person 1: at least it’s not as sn-bby as the woodlands high school.

person 2: yeah, those people are -sses.

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