refers to a rip-roaring case of “liquid farts” — not just a case of mundane “trots”, but a full-blown bout of “galloping diarrhea”, like you’re actually urinating out of your large intestine.
my country-cousin friends graciously invited me to help myself to the leftovers in their fridge while i was visiting them for a couple weeks this past july. that was all great, except that once i made the mistake of thirstily polishing off a nearly-full 2-quart bottle of ocean spray premium prune juice over the course of a couple hours on an especially hot day. well, needless to say, i was then obliged to stay in the yard for the next couple days ‘cuz i had to run inside and visit the little boys’ room every ten minutes, plus i hadda remember to not eat anything after four in the afternoon both days, so that i could eventually “p–p myself empty” by late evening and thus be able to get some sleep at night! talk about total colon-pee — my poor b-tt-hole got so sore that it felt like i was squirtin’ out hot lava towards the end of it! ah, well — live and learn — prune juice isn’t meant to be consumed in large quant-ties (i shoulda gotten a clue from the fact that the bottle had had so little used out of it), unlike apple or cranberry juice that comes in the same kind of bottle!
origins are from efnet from a group of people who add a :p to the end of every sentence. verbalization of the face with the tongue sticking out.

: colon
p pee

:p colonpee
and then i was like, “oh sh-t that’s a f-cking squirrel not a hot chick.”

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